What is PPoS for

A Primitive Piece of Shit (PPoS) is a discovery and development technique in which a new product or website is developed.

  • Forget about the name of the project
  • Don't buy the domain for it yet
  • It is a shit, so treat it like one
  • Is it worth it? Launch it and show it to your closest
  • It didn't work? Move on, forget it, start a new PPoS
Primitive - adjective - of or typical of an early stage of development; not advanced or complicated in structure
Shit - noun - nonsense, or something of low quality


I have built, launched and thrown away quite a lot of side projects and this is my manifesto not to waste time, deliver and/or stay sane without regrets from r/SideProject

Get started - ask yourself:

Open as Google doc

What is this primitive piece of shit I am going to waste my time on?


How much time am I going to spend on this shit?


Are there better things I can do now than this shit?

Yes > You are done with this - toss it away...
No > Please continue

When will I decide to throw this shit away?


Who is really willing to use this shit?

List of at least 5 committed people who you will be bothering with this___


I agree that if this shit will take me more time than anticipated, I will be like “FUCK THAT SHIT” and will throw it away

I agree that if this shit will prove to be more complicated than anticipated, I will be like “FUCK THAT SHIT” and will throw it away

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